– Technique
– Lead Guitar
– Chord Theory

Guided Process
– Interactive process for identifying your next steps
– Verifying that you are learning the material correctly
– Checklist / Workbook: figure out a way to do interactive text documents

Live Q & A, office hours.
– answering questions (while getting feedback on effectiveness of the lessons)

Live Video Broadcast
– demonstrate skills
– song breakdown
– solo analysis
– Q & A sessions

Member spotlights
– coaching session online

– practice targets
– building your setlist
– achieving a goal:
– starting a band, jamming with friends, performing at an open mic, etc.

How to structure your membership

From this MSA Lesson

Structure By Outcome

  • What is goal outcome?
  • What is starting point?
  • What are key milestones or stages?
  • Steps to take between milestones?
  • What content and deliverables will help them progress?

Structure by competency

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Having course categories will help here:
– Foundation Building (beginner)
– Skill Building (intermediate)
– Mastery (advanced)

Structure by Topic

  • Learning songs
  • Chord Theory
  • Technique
  • Rhythm
  • Genres
  • Enhanced search functionality may help here. Mike mentions a plugin called “Relevancy”

Free vs. Paid Content

From this MSA Lesson

  • Give away the what
  • Give away the why
  • Sell the how

Breadth vs Depth


  • How far into the topic does this content go?
  • Is it a deep dive that walks you through everything you need to know?
  • Or is it quite shallow? Basic clif notes, quick primer.


  • Broad all emcompassing topic, or specific/narrow?
  • Big picture, or just a piece of the puzzle? Overall strategy, or individual tactics?